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How many daily walnut foods are good for health?

In dried fruits Walnuts are always regarded as medically beneficial And it’s also best known for the prevention of obesity.

Walnuts contain proteins, vitamins, diets and fats that help to lower cholesterol levels in the body.which also reduces the risk of heart attack. But the question is, how many walnut nutrients a day can benefit health? Be aware that eating large amounts of walnuts can result in problems such as flatulence or indigestion.

So eating more than 7 walnuts a day should be avoided, because eating in this quantity is enough to benefit health, but over-eating can result in harm rather than benefit.

Eating 10 grams or 7 walnuts daily can protect against respiratory diseases, brain damage and diabetes, as well as cancer.

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  1. My mom always put out large bowls of mixed nuts during the Christmas holiday. I know people always talk about how great walnuts are but I would eat all of the other nuts first. I only ate the walnuts when there weren’t any of the other nuts left. LOL.