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Green Creature ~ Saturdays Critters ~ Crazy Color Green

Again? Caterpillar again? That creature again?

Yes, but this is another type of caterpillar… I myself have never seen this one before. This is also suitable for Crazy Color Green beside for Saturday Critters! There is another caterpillar that I know that is also green and that is a lime caterpillar that will become a Lime butterfly (Papilio demoleus or Papilio memnon), and I have seen it often but not with this one!

They have different body shapes, colors, and patterns. Also, if the lime caterpillar does not have hair on its body, this type of caterpillar has feathers on each part of its back and also on its legs. I also have not managed to find this type of caterpillar through Google search.

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  1. Like Carol, I have been searching. The closest I can find since you gave the size is an Imperial Caterpillar, but the ones I am finding seem to have more fuzz or hair on them. I could not positively ID this beauty.

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