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Google terminate some feature for Hauwei Mobile

Google has shut down some updates of Android operating systems for Chinese technology company Huawei, as a result Google’s apps will not run on the new Huawei smartphone which is more than a blow for company.

These steps have been made by the US President Trump to put Huawei into the list of those companies, with whom American companies could not trade until Unless they are licensed.

Google said in a statement that they are following the presidential order and evaluating its effects. The existing users of the Huawei can still update apps and security fixes and  also use Google Play services. But when Google launches its new Android version of Android OS this year, So some feature will not be available on Huawei smart phone.and the Future Huawei Phone Set can no longer be apps like YouTube and Google Maps. However, Huawei’s Android operating system can use the open source license.

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  1. My son is using this brand and I know some of my colleagues are also using it. They have a good experience with this brand. With regards to Google, I hope they study the situation thoroughly and come up with the best decision.

  2. I have Huawei and I love it. I don’t like this trade war at all, I think it’s a bad decision made by Trump. I know that I will not get new Androids version but I will still use Huawei till I can.

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