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Photos Chain Challenge – Personal Watercraft

I used to think that these water scooters were called jets, but it turns out that Jet Ski is the brand name for scooters manufactured by Kawasaki. According to Wikipedia, this type of watercraft is called personal watercraft (PWC), and it’s sometimes comically referred to as a boatercycle

They are fun to watch because they leave an interesting trail in the water, but sometimes disturb the peace of people who are trying to relax by the water, fishermen, and seahulls. Have you ever ridden such a watercraft?

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  • ​​Have you ever ridden such a watercraft?

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  1. PWC is the most dangerous form of watercraft sadly.

    More accidents occur because people feel like they can just step out of a car, and drive a PWC.


    yes, I have ridden one (a number of times in fact)


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