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Garden Fairies

If you want to have both colorful and fruitful garden, you have to cherish garden fairies. All of them. That is absolute ”the must”. For example, my garden fairies like to hang on an apple tree and I never bother them because of that choice. From this tree, they can easily guard my garden from any possible danger that could lurk from the street, such as someone’s jinx eyes. My fairies know very well how such a thing can spoil all my efforts to grow a  decent garden. That’s why they are here: to guard my herbs on some upper level….

But, there are fairies in many forms. Some are floral dressed girls, some are animals, some are flowers. That’s why one should be very careful and gentle while they are in a garden. You could never know if a cat that lazy licks its paw or a little blue flower are magical guardians that are here to punish every intruder for an insult of a sacred soil.

  • Do you think this guardian is quite suitable for the task?

    • Yes
    • No
    • He is a flower himself
  • Is this a proper way of guarding anything?

    • Yes
    • No
    • It’s perfect for guarding a chair
  • Are those fairies the best choice after all?

    • Yes
    • No
    • These are the only choice
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  1. Your is a so fantastic place and these fairies surely take us all to the world of fairy tales and magic!!! And, of course, cats help so much to make unforgettable impressions!!! So sorry not commenting your great posts for so long time, hope that will have a possibility to do so more often!!!

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