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Spring and Summer Blooms

Always look forward to seeing my Azalea bushes bloom. I have three and they all bloom together in the early spring. 

Now the summer blooms are starting to arrive, right on time. Lilies, Butterfly Bush blooms, etc.

They only last a week or so but I enjoy the color while I have them. The good part about these flowers are they come back each year. 

Perennials are the best. Throw a little mulch their way, make sure they get plenty of water and sunshine and they are good to go!

Photo ©CarolDm 

  • Flowers can bring a smile, no matter what, agree?

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. flowers are an expression of time.

    some last a short time, on this earth but bring many smiles. Like dogs and cats.
    some last a long time and bring many smiles like friends and partners.

    all make the world brighter.


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