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Fruitful Revelation ~ Macro Monday

After yesterday’s sunny weather, it rained again on this noon. Until the night, the rain did not stop completely, the small drizzle still wet everything including leaves and fruits.

When the rain subsides, the atmosphere usually looks dim. At a time like that what we see around us looks so serene and harmonious. At such times, too, sometimes I feel like it’s easier to get divine revelation from everything around us or within us.

The revelation, universal revelation that has created and can eliminate us at any time. The revelation which not only preaches about distant heaven, or the story of a long-past event, but also shows an eternal paradise that does not await the end of the day, and which give lessons from all current events. Revelation reaches out to everything, written with the ink of life, in the living verse, in the book of life and which has left its mark in many books. Not only the book specific of it but also that has given ethical fruits to good governance, jurisprudence, listening and communication skills, sociology, psychology, medical ethics, creativity, and justice at work, etc.

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