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From Digital phones to connecting your car!

The first time I got a digital phone was around 1993; before that, I had a CDMA phone.  The digital phone has a shorter signal range, and ultimately require more towers, but they also can do more. The concept of what your phone can do is beyond amazing. I remember when the goal of a phone was to connect people. I do sadly remember the daily, wait, dial, wait for the longer the number, the longer the wait. The first phone I ever dialed was a rotary phone (dial, click click click) wait, daily next number. Do you remember rotary phones? I can’t tell you the last time I dialed a phone number. Most meeting software includes an automatic login in option for phone users. Click it, and you are connected!

Oh yeah and I ask my pheon to dial numbers often! What you can do with that he continues to evolve. Today I want to talk about the art of the possible. I recently got a Hum adapter. Hum goes into the ODB port of your car. That is an onboard management port for most new cars (figure anything newer than 2008 has such a port). That part is standard (it doesn’t matter what kind of car you have). It connects to the onboard computer of your car and allows you to see information about your car — average speed, GPS location, but most importantly, what does that check engine light mean. You see, if the check engine light comes on in your car, it can be a lot of different things.

• It can be a loose gas cap connection

• It can be a serious engine problem

• It can be a loose connection for the car

But not knowing what it is, is annoying! Hum also allows you to have a cellular wifi connection in your car. But the most interesting thing for me is the gas pricing application. I have that in the GPS of my car, and the GPS application of my phone, but the Hum application seems to have a better real-time pricing index for gas prices. Hum is an IoE (Internet of Everything) device that has some interesting applications!

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  1. This technology is all too much for me … I will stick with the classic cars … I do not like the automata …. I already have a computer in the car too much for me … I studied a service book for a very long time and now not everything I know

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