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Freedom and captivity

If we were given a bird’s wings and complete freedom – what would we do then? Do we really dare to fly where we dreamed?

And if someone would give a million bucks and say, stop working, travel the world without a return ticket, after all, you’ve always said you want to – could I leave?


Hundreds of anchors hold me here: hands of loved ones, streets of memories, and benches of first dates, even clouds that once flew over a childhood yard.

And I love it – my captivity. Therefore, I always come back.

© Fortune, 2009

  • If you could, would you leave your life and do what you’ve always dreamed of?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by Fortune


  1. I think I would love to travel but I would also love to return home again.
    Our budgie Louis goes for a flight or 2 a day but he always returns to his cage, it is his home.
    In New Zealand Louis goes on the back seat in his cage and is a wonderful back seat driver…

  2. dreams are the bonds that free us from the bonds that hold us.

    When I was young I had dreams. But as I have gotten older, my dreams have become shared. If someone said, stop now and do what you dream, I would go with my wife on the vacations and trips we’ve talked about.

  3. I am doing precisely that. I had this dream of designing my own home and for this we had to sift to a semi rural town as land in the city was expensive We left everything behind

  4. I would never leave this life because I’m completely satisfied with him, my friend … I never had any special dreams and wishes