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Did you have a dream profession?

Did I have a dream profession? 

In childhood, it was a painful question to me because I always had a dream that I should have a dream about who I want to become. I was so envious of everyone because everyone was explaining what they were dreaming about. I never dreamed of anything. Nothing at all. And it seemed to me that I was a bit abnormous because everyone was living in some kind of fairy tale, except me.

But in my life, it was so that no matter what I would have dreamed about, it would be a dull reflection of what my life became.

I sincerely believe that these dreams are like a prison. When, for no apparent reason, you imprison yourself in a dream’s jail because you still do not know the true life, you do not know the possibilities of it, but you believe that you need exactly this.You just want what others have and close yourself in that narrow prison, striving for the dream you programmed yourself for.

So, I am very skeptical about programming yourself from the youth years what the profession you will have. You’re young, you really don’t know anything and you really don’t know what you want to be. Because today you want to be an artist, and tomorrow you might like to be a chef, or maybe you like to be nothing at all. Take a backpack and travel around the world.

How many young people have I met while traveling now? I am just so surprised because I have children too, and I have been horrified by putting myself in the moms of those young people. 

As a girl of nineteen years that I meet somewhere in Kenya. I asked if she traveled alone? She said yes, alone. She was from the US. I asked what her mum thinks? She looked surprised: and what the mum? And how you get the money? She said I’m traveling, somewhere working this and that, and again continue to travel. And she was happy.

 So, young people, you do not know where your happiness is, so you do not need to program yourself from young years. Always keep open doors. When the right time comes, you will know what you want

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  1. I suspect dreams can be uplifting and dreams can pull you down. You’ve brought the pulling down part out very clearly in your writing.

    I prefer to believe that we go where we go, dreams are made to help us shape our future.

  2. Oh yes I do, I dreamed of this when I was in college taking up BS Nursing, suddenly, I wanted to take BS Psychology and until now that I am not practicing my profession I am still dreaming that one day I can go back to school and take up that course and maybe someday practice it.

  3. Oh yes I had a dream and I became that dream. But then frustration and anger set in, so I stopped that profession and now I am trying my hand at another dream which, although does not pay that much, gives me a lot more satisfaction… I totally agree with you. Young people should not become ensconced in only one profession right from the start. They should explore their strengths and weaknesses prior to the choice.

  4. This is a great and powerful message you have shared. I hope others will take your advice. Maybe they will not be disappointed weight their lives in the long run.