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Fire! –

New South Wales in Australia is on fire! 

I saw some smokey haze in our atmosphere this morning.

Yes, I have some cousins who live near there and a niece. Hoping this fire does not come close to them….They were told to pack their bags and be ready to go at a moments notice.

New Zealand is 2 hours across the mighty Tasman Sea from Sydney, at least Auckland. That is 4 days sailing in any boat and this sea is very rough. 

We are also getting smoke not very thick but enough for a slight haze.

Our firemen often go to help them in fire emergencies, we also send our firemen to America when they are facing a fire. I know these countries do the same, I was especially pleased when so many nations came to help in Christchurch when the major earthquake struck.

Here is an old painting I did of Saint Michel…although I never have been there, the tide is about as fast as our Manukau harbour going in and out, very fast.  I did it a long time ago as a silhouette. It is done in watercolour.

I know fire is a terrifying thing …I recall taking an hour to put out a persons fire on their lawn with a pitchfork which I never have to do again…Pleased to say it was put out and no damage done.

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. Your painting is beautiful, Pamela. I have been to Mont St Michel, and can say you have captured its essence quite accurately. I have friends in Australia who are very agitated by this year’s fires. Some in NSW are now completely out of control, it appears. I am amazed, and rather horrified, that the smoke has reached all the way over to NZ 🙁


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