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Famous Veggie Potato

Potatoes  is a very  famous  and tasty vegetable in the world. This is excellent  source  of mineral  and vitamins. This is underground  vegetable which  use for many cuisine. Potatoes are the most favourite among kids and elders.

Potatoes are rich  in vit  A,B6,C iron, fiber,maganese.its help to control  blood sugar level, prevent  kidney stones, liver cleansing and reduce  inflammation .

I made many delicious  and quick cuisine from potatoes  like French fries, cheesy kababs, backed  potato and many  many more.So enjoy  potato  dishes to considering  you health, because health  is wealth.

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Written by Hina Hamid


  1. I make potatoes in my house by different methods. For main courses, for salad, fried, mashed potatoes, chips and mashed potatoes with cheese.