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Ever wondered “Love Train ” In China

Countries like China, where the number of men is 30 million more than women and finding a good spouse there is no easy task.

In fact, there are currently more than 20 million young people in China alone and they need different sources to find a partner, an attempt has been made to find a solution to this problem in the form of a night-running ‘love train’.

This train is all called “Love Finder” Y999 and run between two province Sichuan – Chongqing. The only  purpose of this train is to facilitate young people so that young people can be fall in love with each other and find a beautiful and good match for his/herself.

Various recreational activities  are also available during the train journey So that travelers can get to know each other better and have chemistry between them.

In China, a long-term one child policy has resulted in a gender-less population of women than men and as a result, the youth of the countryside / remote area are facing more problems, where there are virgin men all over the village, while women have moved to big cities with the expectations of more wealthy people.

The Love train is helping to overcome this problem, during this 2-day journey, hundreds of people have come close to each other and 10 couples have even married.

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  1. That’s a weird project. It’s difficult to get the right from such a project but it’s a good try. All the same, some might benefit from it.
    In reality, many countries in the world have a high population rate of women than men.

  2. I heard stories of China importing women from foreign countries for the men to marry, or something along those lines. I guess this served a lesson, the one-child policy comes with side effects, especially for the rural population.
    This might be effective for those who don’t have internet connection, as most people rely on dating sites nowadays. It’s a weird project but it sounds fun.

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