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Easy and delicious tomato soup – Recipe

When it comes to hot soups in the winter season, we all have water comes in our mouths. This season also brings numerous gifts for us and we all enjoy it. Today I, suggest a hot tomato soup recipe to make your winter even more delicious.

Ingredients for making tomato soup

1. One tablespoon of olive oil

2. A finely chopped onion

3. Eight finely chopped tomatoes

4. Mix 400 ml of vegetable sauce

5. Four tablespoons tomato ketchup

6. Four pinch oregano

7. Salt and pepper as per taste

8. yogurt for garnishing

Tomato soup method .

1. First add the olive oil in a pan and heat it on medium heat and after the oil is hot, fry the finely chopped onion in it to soften it.

2. Now add finely chopped tomatoes, vegetable sauce, ketchup, oregano, salt and pepper and leave to boil.

3. After boiling, leave the soup on a low heat and let it cook for 15 minutes.

4. After 15 minutes, let it cool and then blend thoroughly

5. After blending the soup, lightly heat it again and serve it with Coriander and yogurt for garnishing and drink.

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