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Each Day – Sunset Poem

Sunsets and poetry go hand in hand. Sunsets often make me reflect on life and the day that is coming to a close.  As I reflect upon life, words form on their own to write a little poem in my mind.

Each day,

Leaves an imprint,

On the scrolls of our mind.

Some days dark, but others bright,

Scalding with fire, scaring our lives,

Or breezing past like a mist

Allowing contentment,

To abide,

Each day.

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  • Nature is a great inspiration don’t you think?

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Written by Dawn

She loves writing poetry, articles on self-help, photography etc.

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  1. Your line – breezing past like a mist
    is really intriguing.

    breeze – the gentle wind that caresses as it passes.
    The mist, not enough water in the air to be “rain” not enough to force an umbrella. A gentle mix of air and water together.

    Those two together – great imagery!!!

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