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Dulce Katia (Sweet Katy) will be the title of my next novel

Dulce Katia (Sweet Katy) will be the title of my next novel. My new novel “El cumpleaños de Natalie Davis (“the birthday of Natalie Davis”) will be published very soon (28th of April) This new book is the continuation of my previous novel “El verano de Natalie Davis” (the summer of Natalie Davis) published in 2018. However, I already have a further story to publish.

I really think this coronavirus crisis has helped me insofar as I was very creative recently. In fact, I have written this new story that will be titled Dulce Katia (Sweet Katy). The story is set firstly in Zaragoza, the capital of my region, Aragón, north of Spain. But the protagonists will visit other international places until the end that takes place in a very beautiful city by the sea. The two characters will live different adventures and have a very meaningful relationship over the years

At the end of the story set in the summer of 2018, one character asks the other. “2020 will be soon. Such a beautiful date: 2020. It sounds good, does not it? nothing bad can happen”. They agreed innocently. Indeed, the coronavirus crisis has made me write this story. I will try to publish it in the near future.

Watching the news every day makes me realise how many people are dying and how the economies all around the world are being destroyed. My brain was hooked on this story, I felt I had to write it as if the world was going to end. I did not rest until I ended writing the story. It was written during the harder days of this crisis, now the situation has improved a little bit but two weeks ago it was just horrible.I am very happy with the result, it will be great to publish Dulce Katia (Sweet Katy) and having it translated into other languages. I will let you know but first I have to see my new novel published in two days more or less.  I will keep you informed.

When I ended writing this new story I thought I had coronavirus but I did not have a fever so, in the end, it was just the result of living this awful crisis. I will talk more about the plot of this new novel If I publish Dulce Katia one day.

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  1. So the Coronavirus has a positive direction. We are already May 1, so the Natalie Davis birthday should be published. I would love to see the new Sweet Katie novel published soon. It’s a big calling. Congratulations to me too.

  2. I would say you were burning with the heat and your passion for work – this novel you were writing. Well tomorrow is your big day.Best wishes and many congratulations in advance. Praying that your novel will be well received. 🍸🍾

    • I thought I had the virus. I felt sad and frustrated. I read the guidelines from the authorities. I was going to phone the health authorities of my region but to have a test you must travel to the capital of my region, Zaragoza, and I did not want that. I sent an email to Health authorities saying I felt tired, weak and I had a heavy headache. But then I took my temperature and it was only 35 and I read that Coronavirus always makes you have a fever and 37 degrees at least hence I started to feel better. I take a rest for two hours and I felt better afterward, it was the product of writing so much, perhaps stress and living with fear because the news were so horrible. Perhaps I watch too much television and I read the newspapers too much and I had the fear of having coronavirus. When health authorities answered my email I felt much better because I only had 35 degrees. This is the key. I take my temperature every day and I always have 35 degrees, this makes me feel better and live without fear but as Spain is so heavily affected you live with worries.


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