Good Reads: The Color of Water by James McBride

My daughter is an avid reader. For Christmas, all she wanted was a gift card to shop at the Barnes & Noble bookstore. She got two!! She does everything she can to get her hands on a good book. She went to a book swap at her school. Found some old books lying around at our house and took them to the exchange. She traded one of her books for a book written by James McBride titled “The Color of Water”.

Every now and then she reads out loud to me and I must say that I enjoyed her introductory reading of this particular book. To me, the author’s life story is very relate-able. Especially the part where he described how his mom arranged several kids (he and siblings) to sleep in one bed and his having to choose between smelling someone’s breath or their stinky feet, all night long.

It’s almost Mother’s Day (celebrated in America every 2nd Sunday in May) and her book reading was not only enjoyable but seemed timely and very appropriate. Glad she introduced me to this writer.

Are you familiar with this American writer?


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  1. Isn’t McBride also a musician?
    Taht is great that your daughter likes to read.
    Great memories when she reads to you.
    Soak it in.