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Do you know some food shouldn’t be reheated?

I did not know about this. I just read an article about some food that should not be reheated and consumed, as it can cause food poisoning. Harmful bacteria could be produced, and eating the reheated food might make us sick.

The food mentioned in the article that should be avoid preheating include chicken, rice, eggs, potatoes, spinach and mushrooms. I did not know we should not reheat these food and consume them, in fact, I do this quite frequently, to all of the food mentioned. I especially keep the eggs and rice in the fridge if I can’t finish eating them, and reheat them the next day.

Though I don’t feel sick for reheating and consuming these food so far, I think it’s better not to do so anymore, especially not to let my kids eat the reheated food.

Do you know any other food which shouldn’t be reheated and consumed?

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  1. I know eggs should not be reheated, and mushrooms and spinach may not taste good if reheated. I am not sure with chicken, maybe it will depend on how it is prepared. Like if you cook chicken in vinegar and soy sauce they taste better if reheated.

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