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Do You Hate Your Neighbors? Here Is What To Do.

Neighbors are mostly kind and decent folks like you but what to do if the family who recently moved into kindly Albert’s old house next door, is now occupied by a family from hell. People that like dumping their trash in your backyard, parking in front of your gate, partying till 4 am, you know the type, so, now, you are looking for a change of scenery, why stop at just moving to a different part of town and possibly even another family from hades when you can move to your own private island with no neighbors at all?

That’s the whole deal with Linga, which by most standards, is a tiny island located in the Shetland Islands group in the North Sea between Norway and  Scotland. Recently, linga went under the auction hammer at a starting bid of £250,000 — or about $350,000 USD.

 It’s listed with Vladi Private Islands, which is a real estate firm specializing in unique properties, Linga offers “spectacular 60 acres of rolling scenery, freshwater, fishing and beauty, and teeming with wildlife.”


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  1. I would not mind having this island all to myself if I had the money. However, I would have to know I could easily get all I needed including groceries and perhaps a chance once or twice a month to go somewhere to mingle with people and do some shopping and enjoy something besides just me and the island.

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