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Dilapidated Bucket ~ Thursday Reflections

While walking around a friend’s garden, I saw a number of birds flying from a corner of the garden. As I approached the area where the birds came and went, I saw an old bucket under the tree.

Apparently the water in the bucket was what the birds came to. Ahh… I was reminded of Carol when I saw that. Even the bucket is above the ground, rather covered by lush vegetation, and not in a high place.

After photographing the bucket, I got a small fortune. The friend said, “Ah… you like bonsai, right? If you want it, you can bring the tree to make as a bonsai.” Hmmm… Apparently the birds gave me luck…

Of course, I accepted the gift, even though to this day I haven’t given it time to touch it as a bonsai tree.

  • In your opinion, is luck a coincidence?

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  1. It’s good to see you back on Virily Albert. I’ve missed you! It’s good you got a bonsai tree from your friend, that’s lovely. I love how you found this bucket and the that it attracts the birds. They will love that.

  2. You made your luck my friend. Luck is the compilation of all the effort we put into the world around us, the “karmic” balance we create by giving. you gave to your friend, with your humor, your heart and your friend returned that to you.

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