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Defining Augmented Reality (sorry for not doing this before)

Augment – to modify by adding to something that exists. The reality, I won’t push that envelope down the hill. Reality is subjective. However, in the technology world, reality represents the world experienced by the human user.  The reality in the broader sense is so much more but, doesn’t apply to what we are talking about. Augmented Reality or AR represents an addition to the real observed world of the user. John Boyd, the creator of the OODA loops, spoke about changing the orientation of the observer to change the observation (Observation, Orientation, Decide and Act the OODA Loop). AR allows the user to modify their point of view. What sees is beyond what is there.

That is a little confusing I know. But luckily there is a somewhat as an answer, Let’s with a coffee pot. But for the sake of this conversation let’s pretend we’ve never used a coffee pot. What would we do? We would go to the box that the pot came in and look for the manual. We would flip to the manual section called getting started. We would read the steps. (remove all plastic. Rinse the pot with water. Add water without coffee to the machine, run it to make sure all dust and packing material is out of the system). Now we are read what do we do next? We either add a permanent filter or a paper filter, fill the machine with water, put the pot under the machine, add coffee to the filter and make sure it is luged in. Then we wait, soon we have coffee!

A lot of reading but we do that all the time. Now, what if, using an AR google set, you could simply, while standing in front of your new coffee pot, watch how to do what you’ve done above quickly. That is Augmented Reality or AR. Simply taking a task, and providing you with real-time integration of how to do something, and the actual thing you are trying to do. By the way, I’ve played with an AR view of my car; it doesn’t help me, I still can’t fix problems. AR simply put, is a way to improve the information you have about something. I talk all the time, I know, about the AstroReality objects. Simply pointing my phone using their application at the Lunar Footprint model, I get to see the model and see the footage of Neil Armstrong stepping off the Lunar Lander on July 23, 1969 (around 3 am EST).

I can relive something I lived, by simply pointing my phone at a physical object.

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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    • Can I both agree and disagree with that?

      I know as an older “professional” I have more experience when it comes to sometimes new, based on something old.

      If however, it is something new, not based on something old, the younger professionals are much faster.

  1. A QR code is what you need when you are in China 😂😂😂 Wanna rent a bike? QR code. Wanna sing in public and ask for donation from passersby? QR code. Tickets? QR coded. WeChat? QR code required. I wonder if birthing babies comes with QR code too 😂

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