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Darkness And Evil ~ Silhouette Saturday

Silhouette Saturday is a fun challenge and I enjoyed it so much. Why? Because silhouette represents my other favorite, namely darkness.

In general, darkness is often identified with something evil, even though something evil can be in a place of light, carried out blatantly, and can be seen clearly.

As the definition says, the silhouette is the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, especially in dim light, or silhouette is the effect produced in photography because of the significant difference between the reflected light of the main object at the front of the image behind him. To produce a silhouette, light from the back of the object must be very bright then captured by measuring the luminance of the background light. That means, dark is the main character of all that exists, and we intend to see and enjoy the darkness.

As I say too often about duality, darkness is only a twin brother of light, where both are complementary.  But, surely not everyone agrees.

  • What is your mood when you are in darkness in general?

    • I have Nyctophobia
    • afraid and worry
    • nothing special
    • I have no problem with the dark
    • upset
    • feel peaceful


What do you think?

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