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Curiosity ~ Macro Monday

The similarity between me and Blue, my cat is the amount of curiosity about something.

Blue, and also all your cats are always curious about the things that attract their attention, lizards, light, shadows, paper rolls, anything, and I am also always curious about many things, but especially about occultation and the deepest parts of humans that are not caught by the eye with any device.

Blue’s curiosity about the contents of my backpack is a picture I want to share as my contribution to today’s Macro Monday photo.

  • Do you have a special curiosity about certain things that are not in great demand from others?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Cats are certainly one of the most curious animal I have ever encountered although dogs (just like my dear sweet Tasha) are also curious especially when they see something at a distance. Blue, and I am sure Susie and her new addition to the family are and will become most curious furry animals trying to find out where and how and when everything works or why it is there etc. But most of all, most of our furry friends are just loyal, responsive to our emotions, helpful, delightful to play or cuddle with and sometimes can even save our life. So I assume that either Blue or Susie were investigating your packsack?

    • Cats and dogs are indeed top players in terms of being curious besides the bearers of joy, therapy, safety, etc.

      That is Blue who always follows me wherever my foot goes and intervenes every time my hand does something.

      Thank you for your thoughts that give additional strength to love my pets.


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