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Macro Monday – Pencils… color my day!!

Hello, friends! It’s Monday. A new week begins today with many challenges! One of them is my Macro Monday challenge. 

Today I have sharpened  my pencils and I thought it would be interesting to take a photo for Macro Monday! Sometimes ordinary things are great subjects for photographers, don’t you think?

Nowadays, the computer is an instrument, just like the pencil, which allows illustrators to manipulate images from their sketches. I wonder how many of them are using the pencil for coloring?

  • Do you think the illustrators do the work manually or with help of the computer?

    • manually
    • with help of the computer
    • both


What do you think?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. I do not have working colour pencils …
    I don’t use them, but I envy those who can …
    I’m more dependent on my PC for making illustrations …