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Crazy Colors ~ Candlesticks

Another contributor to the crazy color challenge. I enjoy the soft light of candles and light them often, but do not want traces of wax in the apartment. So I also use candlesticks to protect my furniture from hot wax. A high-quality candle holder must have two characteristics in particular: stability and non-combustibility. They can be made of different materials and shapes, but these two requirements must be met, otherwise the results can be very dangerous. Although candle lighting conjures up romance and creates a special atmosphere, it should never be forgotten that this is an open fire, which must be properly guarded, otherwise an accident with serious consequences may occur – so the candles must be handled responsibly.

  • Do you light candles in your apartment?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you use candlesticks?

    • Yes
    • No

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  1. Yes they are open flames. I have them in my earthquake kit. (there is no natural gas service here so it is OK)
    I had recently read that beeswax candles clean the air … paraffin candles do not I guess. (I just learned this and haven’t verified) In the glass studios we use bees wax for the tools and I love the smell.

      • Try candles that say “100% bees wax” and see if you like them. People claim that they help clean the air and have no pollutants in them. I believe this is true.
        Here in the US the candles can say “pure beeswax” can be 51% with added paraffin wax. So we have to see “100% beeswax” to really know. Many countries don’t let companies get away with things that the US lets them get away with. There are many articles about this subject online.

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