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Counting the controversies about the con artists who con the countrymen.

Con Artist means “Confidence Artists” it means the ability to persuade others over a certain belief which is not true. Let us admit that it may be morally wrong “fooling people”  but, somehow this skill is a bit intriguing or should I say admirable. Imagine, how can someone, exploit another person’s psyche with words and appearance? How can someone sell the famous White House by just sitting on the bench in front of it?  How about someone saying to a tourist that they can rent a room in Taj Mahal.    I am not saying that this is right, but this is somehow fascinating.

The power of words that make someone believe in something not true. Imagine, how can these people manipulate such able mind?Were you victimized by a con artist? How?  Write in the comment section.

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  1. Many years ago I got (kinda) conned on my first day in Cairo by a guy exchanging currency on the black market. He persuaded me to duck down an alley with him, and made a big show of secrecy and, though I insisted on counting the banknotes before completing the transaction, somehow (I never figured out exactly how) I only got about half of the Egyptian pounds that I should have. Of course he had disappeared before I realised. Later I found out that there was no need for secrecy and that the police never bother anyone changing money on the street. So he took advantage of my naiveté, as all con men do. I learned a valuable lesson, and never got conned again!

  2. I have met many in my twenties, but now in my thirties I try to avoid them as much as possible. I rarely answer my phone If I get a call from my number unknown. You have to leave a message on my phone in order for me to call you back or add your number so that I will answer it if you call again. It is just too many in this world.

  3. It takes time to think about and answer that question. But after considering it in a broad sense, I answered “Yes”. Especially because among them are people who are close to me.
    I often see some friends talking and selling something different from reality. Maybe they belong to the artist, maybe, because I don’t dare to judge.

      • I have read a quote in the past, “Actually there are no people who are really smart to deceive, but there are fools who are easy or willing to be cheated”.

        I openly say that until now our conditions are still quite bearish, in terms of stock trading, due to such actions by my close friends. But, we are still grateful because we have learned a lot from this situation.

        • oh yeah, me because we were friends I loaned a huge amount of money .. which until now nothing has been returned. no interest, no colateral, just friendship.

          and i did this not just once but twice. Stup!!!!!!d me. argh!!!

          we have to learn our lesson in a very expensive way. I worked hard and thrift myself so much to save that money… and in just a simple one tear i gave it away. not just once but twice. argh!!!

  4. Well there is a saying, “What goes around comes around!”
    I have learned from Con artists from when I was little. Makes me distrustful of many people although I pretend that I believe them.
    Generally what you give out comes back to you.

    Clever, yes for a short time and then some one else can do the same to you.


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