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Could This Vitamin Help You?

You may or may not know, there is one vitamin, methylcobalamin, that, in a relatively short while,  has proven powerful enough to reverse numbness, pain and that constant annoying “tingling” sensation in your hands and feet and even blurry vision.

In my youth, I smoked because it was what cool guys did, Yul Bryner, Telly Savalas, George Peppard to name just a few had all departed our earthly realm, from puffing the dragon. Do you remember the cool cowboy dude on his horse as he lights up a “toke” and whose billboards dotted world landscapes? I wonder how many deaths that one caused?

Well, If you also suffer from tingling, numbness or pain in your hands and feet, and were wondering what happened to you, wonder no more. The night after my preliminary leg amputation, the surgeon asked me how many cigarettes I smoke. I told him that I  had kicked the habit,  some 20 years earlier, (the truth) He said that by then it had already been too late, and he removed the dressing and exposed a gaping wound and with his gloved finger, lightly traced a vaguely visible yellow line running along the inner edge of the wound.

 He asked me what the yellow substance was and I shrugged. That, he said, is plaque. And it is a direct reason my leg could not be saved and not the Type 2 diabetes I had. Sadly, even if you never smoked, passive inhalation is as deadly. But, since reading the Japanese B12 report and have purchased a bottle of the vitamin called B12, (methylcobalamin), and have been trying it for about 10 days and here is the good news!! While I’m far from being cured, there is a significant tactile improvement for the first time in 28 years. This natural breakthrough has been tested in 34 studies. And it works by addressing the tingling at the root or cellular level.

Nerves work like telephone cables: They transport messages from one area of your body to another.

The problem is… natural ageing, alone, is already transmitting nerves messages less effectively. They slow down for various reasons, including diet, lack of exercise, and environmental toxins like smoking and or second-hand smoke.

Peripheral nerves slow down faster. These nerves — located in your fingers, toes, hands, feet and eyes— have thinner cables. So any damage slows them down dramatically.


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  1. Consider yourself wise beyond words, John. You don’t need me to tell you how many of the human race, have fallen foul of that advice. The consequences of both those evils are equally vicious and unimaginably far-reaching and utterly complex my wise friend… Thanks for commenting.

  2. That was interesting – and worrying. At least I don’t have a problem with smoking – simply because I never started. I had a puff once when I was a student, thought “what’s the point of that?” and never did it again.

    The same with drugs. I have never in my life been offered any sort of non-medicinal drug – not even during my student days, not even cannabis – so the temptation never arose.