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Color Crazy Challenge – Purple Wednesday

I joined the Color Crazy Challenge started by Kim. It will be purple this week. For today’s challenge, I chose these beautiful purple tulips that I painted in the Botanical Garden. Positive features of purple are: strangeness, creativity, ingenuity, selflessness, mystery, fantasies, the future. The negative features of purple are: immaturity, impracticality, cynicism, indifference, arrogance.

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Written by lado


  1. You keep finding flowers that look like the logo from Maribor. Your mind is thinking that Maribor is going to lose, but your heart is with Maribor. Maribor!

    • Thanks for viewing and kind comment, my friend….this is a pure coincidence friend ….. if it were my heart for Maribor I could publish their jersey now … i am an Olympia fan in Slovenia

      • Olympia has a good team. I had just heard about them this year because it was the first time they were in the Europa League play-in games in a long time.

          • The only ones that I don’t follow in Europe are Albania and Iceland. All of Iceland’s good players are bought off to bigger teams in other countries. All of Albania’s good players are children of people that were kicked out of Albania so they naturally play in the countries they were forced to move to. Then, I really do not follow any of the pro teams in Africa and in Asia because their best players play in Europe anyway.