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Coffee break…

A sleepy afternoon after heavy lunch,so?

Should have a coffee break!

2 in  1 coffee is much  simple to be prepared compared to brewing coffee in the morning section.

See, it’s super aroma till the mice is climbing up.:P


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    Would you take a break in the afternoon?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Would you take a break in the afternoon?What would you have during the break? Tea, coffee or infusion tea?

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    • No


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Written by tiada


  1. I didn’t know you love coffee! I stopped drinking coffee for more than 10 years (due to pregnancy and breastfeeding), then I chose tea. Now that I already resumed drinking coffee, I’d like to have coffee. I enjoy the aroma too!

  2. Since I work full-time, a break is much needed. I prefer tea that contains a mixture of cinnamon, ginger and other ingredients. I stopped taking coffee which I really love due to stomach ulcers.