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Chewy Card ~ Wacky Wednesday

Ordering the cat food from Chewy is a money saving task. And I have it delivered to the door, with free shipping. Makes sense to order it online than to drag the heavy bags of food home from the store.

Sharing this photo with today’s Wacky Wednesday challenge. 

Also, buying in bulk always saves money. This past Christmas, as always, they mailed me a card. It is funny. Always my first card to arrive. It is handwritten, or so it seems. I am sure a computer writes on the card. But they make it look personable. And it is a nice thing to do. 

Photo ©CarolDM

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  1. I wrote an article a few years ago About a pizza delivery drone that read the wrong address and in ringing the doorbell tried to deliver a pizza to the wrong house.

    I buy a lot of things online. It is as you said easier!

  2. Now I am in between cats but Chewy was always the way I could be sure I had enough food for my cat. Because of Chewy I also know I could adopt another cat but unfortunately at this time, the $50 adoption fee is a bit steep. I figure I’ll save u some money and then get a cat and get food


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