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Cat & Seagull – Wacky Wednesday

This is the reality of every outdoor fish restaurant at the seaside. Cats and seagulls are everywhere, and they would do anything to get a treat. Some try achieving this goal with charm, others believe that you should boldly get what you want. Eventually, your plate might be empty before you even had the chance to try the food you ordered. Even though some people get mad at them, they are a big part of the experience of being at the seaside.

Everyone can join Carol’s fun challenge, just post about something wacky and use “Wacky Wednesday” in the title.

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    Are there seagulls where you live?

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    Do you find seagulls annoying?

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  1. It is known some types of seagulls are an endangered species. There were a colony of black bill seagulls on Miranda, and only few are left they are one of the most endangered species.

    A woman showing me these told me that a predator got there and killed every egg and wanted to put up cat traps. The offenders may be also a stoat or ferret or weasel or rat.


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