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Pink Parrot – Wacky Wednesday & Color Crazy

This pink cockatoo is not particularly funny, but it’s an adorable bird. I believe these parrots are called Major Mitchell’s cockatoos. I took the photo during a parrot exhibition a few years ago.

Now, I am combining Carol’s Wacky Wednesday with Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge. However, this time the parrots won’t be wacky, but we are going to be. If you want to see some funny parrot videos instead, check my previous posts:

Cute and Funny Parrots (Part 1)

Cute and Funny Parrots (Part 2) 

My question for you today is what weird habits or hobbies you have. Years ago, I used to collect photos of lighthouses and benches. I don’t know why, I just enjoyed looking at them. Something strange I do now is I have a hard time throwing things that have a pleasant scent. For example, packages of washing detergents or condiments like cinnamon and vanilla, perfume bottles, etc. I just keep them as air fresheners for a few days before I throw them. What about you, are you going to share something unusual you do?

Also, check out my post called Weird Things People Do.

I hope no one feels upset when I combine challenges, it’s just that my mind likes searching for connections between things and jumps from topic to topic.

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  1. I collect arrowheads and rocks. I am a rock hound from way back. Come to think of it, even at four, my dad and I used to go on arrowhead hunts. I also collect fossils and pretty rocks to put in my fish tanks and yard.
    I love the bird you shared, they are super funny, and so beautiful. I love watching them dance to music. πŸ˜‰

    • That’s awesome! I love collecting stones, seashells and things like that, but we can’t find fossils and arrowheads here. It’s really amazing that you can find such cool things there!

      Parrots are hilarious no matter what they do, I love them.

  2. thank you for no wacky parrot videos, although I did put my coffee cup down before opening your posts.

    a strange thing or weird thing that I do um, nothing.
    ok i know be honest.
    the weird thing I do – i collect dolls from an old Christmas special – Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.


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