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candle – poll

you should suspect by now that candles are a thing I’ll be doing a lot of in the future. and these are the candles that started it all. they are like Helen of Troy, if she were a candle and not a Greek queen…

  • which candle do you prefer?

    • shiro
    • daidaiiro
    • aka


What do you think?

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          • Why not? I have a cousin I am close to who works there. I wouldn’t mind a side trip. Just to see and say, oh so this is it ?.

            There are places I go to which gives my soul a calm vibe like Oz, Bali and Vietnam. Ever have that kind of feeling? We were supposed to go to Taiwan early this year but changed it to China. Not a lot of difference, I suppose. In either country, we see people who look like us ??? and it is difficult to look for your groupie in that case ?