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Promptly at 00.10 a few hours ago, my wife blew out the candles of her birthday cake, and that was the main celebration before the complementary celebration which will take place at lunch later.

As always, every time a family member has a birthday, we always ask the birthday person to convey the wishes of her or mine (because I am the only man in the house, as you know that I am the king among the roses), after that, we take turns expressing our hopes for her (or me) who celebrate birthdays. The simple event then continued with a brief discussion and feedback on various matters, which of course related to the expectations that we convey.

Tonight, before we close the discussion, my youngest daughter asks, “Daddy, why are we always taught to always radiate the qualities of the Soul and walk-in roles in this life according to the Soul’s calling?”

O, my beloved daughter, don’t you know that radio which cannot be broadcasting broadcast, it may be damaged or dead, as well as television that does not broadcast broadcasts from existing stations. Likewise, humans also do not radiate the attributes of their Souls, nor do they radiate the attributes of the Godhead in themselves, regardless of whether that person believes in God or not, their circumstances are similar to all of these devices.

If the device can still be repaired, before the tool is totally damaged, so it must be stored in a box or disposed of, of course, something needs to be done in order to function again.

That is why you are taught to carry out all your roles in full soul and in line with the nature of every human soul which is really the source of goodness on this earth. The slight difference between us and the various devices is that if a damaged radio or TV needs to be repaired by someone, but if we don’t function properly, only we can fix it, not others, while we still have the chance, before we put into the box.


Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion SeriesBroadcast.

  • What did you do with your broken device?

    • Discarded or recycled
    • Stored as an antique

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  1. Best wishes for your wife’s birthday. Our radio often goes into static.
    However, it works.
    An interesting concept..sometimes people can’t communicate properly and it is important to be able to do that.
    I have members of the family that don’t communicate well, and for some of them getting them to talk is like pulling teeth…They say nothing or else say a lot without saying anything.

    My husband is great with languages and He has a deep insight on many things.

    • Your best wishes have been well received, Pamela. She also sends greetings to you.

      You are right. People who are unable to communicate themselves are also like non-functioning radio. Maybe there are components that need to be replaced inside… lol …

      From everything you’ve said before, I’m sure your husband is a very broad and insightful person.

  2. now i would argue friend, that broken and broadcast are interesting words.

    Nothing is ever broken, all things merely stop functioning as intended. They remain things, just no longer tied to their intended function.

    A brick not in a wall does not function as a brick but becomes a great doorstop.

    The candles from your wife’s birthday day also broadcast (please convey birthday wishes to her from me and from all of Virily!).

    Each flicker shrugs light to the universe that bounces around the room until free, it lunges towards the edge of infinity.

    • I have pondered your argument and are very receptive to your opinion, Doc. So, I should use the word stop function and not damage.

      Your birthday wishes for her has been well received and a happy smile, she is very grateful to you and all Virily. Actually I have tried to use a photo of candles on the cake but my youngest daughter only took a few pictures and all of them were a combination of a little dark and blurry.

      Thank you for your beautiful poetic words that bounce and fill my house, Doc.

    • Your birthday wish has been well received, Thank you.

      If before you have never heard of it, now you have, from me, the king🤴

      Energy, radio waves, and signals cannot be damaged but the transmitter or receiver 📺can, as can the soul, the device can be damaged so that it cannot broadcast a wave of love.

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