Bound to a purpose

the lights shine around me as the

questions roll from wave

to wave

undulating in their torment

rising and falling

over and over.

each question bound for 

the wall


one becomes one hundred

one hundred becomes one thousand

as they multiple in shattering

spreading quickly 

in a pool around my feet


and deeper

until i sleep.

  • Sometimes questions run to deep, for such a simple man (to borrow from the song)!

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Such poetry often goes deeper than what questions can.

    Does God also ask questions to himself, and if so, what is their purpose?

    God questions all, and all things, to make pockets for love to fill, and so when we question all too, we should also make such pockets to allow love to fill the empty questions, until love prises the truth from the question, and presents it to you in peace, not in pieces anymore.

    Peace brings togetherness.

    • Peace truly is the binding agent of the universe. It is within the cracks of a smile, the warmth of a hug and the look of support that peace finds us.

      but when we lack peace or it is taken from us, how we deal becomes a path.

      • Yes, perhaps peace does play such a great role.

        Is peace that important, and how does it connect to love?

        I would answer that peace exists because of love, which at its greatest, is always bringing about peace, and yet at its lowest ebb, love can be anything else but peace, but can instead act to cut the ties that bind.

        God is a peaceful, and a loving God though, and that’s all that he is; the rest he leaves up to creation to sort out for themselves, to find both peace and love, and to emulate God in their living.

        • that is a really hard question and depends on the definition of peace. Peace on earth, that isn’t a part of the small peace.

          Peace and quiet?
          that is the essence of time to think.

          Peach on earth – that is an extension of love.

          but is the first one? I don’t have a solid answer, all I have there is the it depends.

          • I mostly talk about spiritual peace.

            What is spiritual peace as opposed to man’s peace?

            The peace of God is uninterruptible, unstoppable, neverending.

            It is like a tree that sits in its silence, strong and alone, in its own peace, but also providing peace, to all that come near it.

            Man’s peace is merely cutting off branches from this tree, and burning the branches and leaves to make energy for themselves, or a fire to keep warm at, or heat for cooking a meal.

            Man’s peace always wants something extra, so it can never be a real peace, which accepts the status quo, and makes the best of what is, growing from there, by not cutting off their foot to spite their hand, so to speak.

          • Yes, I like this quote of his too:

            “Our common vocation is to define our spiritual life as ‘a life in which we keep making connections between God’s story, and our own. We insert ourselves into the Christ narrative, a narrative of redemptive love.’”

            Henri Nouwen, (1932 to 1996).

            He is saying the same thing that he said about peace, as you said of him, about God’s story, and our story here.

            There should be no distance between our stories, and God’s story, if we allow love to be our pen, as it is his.

        • A friend of mine always argues that the things that hold us back are the barriers we build between ourselves and understanding (love peace whatever name we will give it). that we are only able to rise when we understand that our path has to make us stronger.

          • Yes, I really like that.

            But, can we also still move forwards before we yet receive understanding, then fill in the needed understanding, afterwards?

            This is where questions take us, I think, past our current level of understanding, which we then try to put in place, in order to find the answers to our questions.

          • On the one hand, I have tried to keep my path as wide as possible to include everything, and to exclude nothing from my searching, on the other hand, when I connect to truth, not all of me connects to it, just a part of me, so I guess, I am still being narrow in my connection.

            I doubt the connection, which keeps it narrow, I think.

            Maybe, if all parts of me were integrated, and all connected to the truth, I might be at last enlightened…lol…

            So, I cannot give you a straight answer, as my path is both wide and narrow at, the same time.

          • Yes, and I am not a coffee drinker.

            No, not really.

            My trail has always been infinitely wide in all of its aspects, whereas I see myself as the narrow one trying to walk on it.

            This is what frustrates me mainly. I want to be one with that infinite path, right now, but then, the price might be that I would have to die to do that right now.

            In the meantime, I still continuously try to do it in my lifetime still.


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