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Books before falling asleep

I find that facebook deprives me of books and press. Because the phone is always at hand, it’s easy to pull out it for coffee time or while waiting for something. Or at midnight insomnia.

But this is a guaranteed way down – the texts of the FB friends are a hundred times poorer than in good books and very short – even the longest writing in the social media cannot compete with a regular magazine article.

The FB text format is unsuitable for long reads, eyes cannot keep the attention and the smartest thoughts in this layout look like a pupil’s note.

Maybe that’s why I can’t read good literature in social media that everything here is piled up and messed: the wisdom of the world and the stupidity of power, the stories of selfless people, and the selfies of vanity.

But before I fall asleep, I still have to read a good book.

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