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16 Facebook Hacks No One Knows About

Say goodbye to selfies and inspirational quotes and say hi to hacker alerts and the good stuff. So, you thought you’re a Facebook pro? Think again. Sure, Facebook might have dominated the past years of your online activity, but there’s strong evidence, you’re still not getting the most of what’s available on the biggest social network on the planet. So, you’d best set your ego aside and listen up, because it’s lesson time.

Facebook of today, is no longer just that friendly little blue website you post drunken selfies to. gazillions of development hours have been put into this thing, filling it with all manner of features you’re probably not aware of, including this stuff in the video.


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  1. I use to live on face book back in the day but not as much these days
    I have hubby’s family on there that I rarely talk to BUT just in case they need
    to be notified they are there that’s bout the ONLY reason I have face book.

    • As for communicating on Facebook, I give that a wide berth. But as I said, I only use any social media, Fbook, Twitter, Pint., Instag., etc. to advertise my posts and other writer’s content which I enjoyed reading. Virily have made the social media icons clickable for this reason.

        • You are so right, my friend, I fully agree. However, I look for the few great folks like you and focus on them. I don’t know if you agree, but I have found, that most writers are basically nice people, in fact I think that this is why they write. They spend, Lord knows how many hours in solitude, forsaking “friends” even family, wanting to share something nice with other folks, writing or artwork. If this was not the case, why would they do it, certainly not for the money, ($10 per year)?

          • I agree writers have heart with others & I spend like you said hrs coming
            up with that one article about something others care about like we do.
            I am all the time writing about something on some site I’m on & then
            I fit it into another post somewhere else IF I can. like from my blogger
            to my tweeter or face book or my other sites I’m on, cause I like to think
            that what concerns me MIGHT concern someone else.

    • I read a recent article about when Facebook was being created and how the founders manipulated the “Like” button to psychologically attract and hook young people. At the time, Mark Zuckerberg was not much older than the teens they set out to hook. They agree today that they have potentially ruined an entire generation by causing an abnormal level of cynicism and unparalleled dark psyche among them, in short, they had no way of realizing, the extent of psychological damage their site would eventually have caused.

    • I completely get it, Deepizzaguy, but they promote your content very efficiently my friend. I recommend setting up your account with all the privacy checks in place. Do I trust them or any of the other social media platforms? NO WAY. The entire Internet is a cesspool of double standards, with Google at the top of the list. But hey, we don’t have another way of staying in touch like this. Don’t work for them, but let them work for you, if you get my drift.

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