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Black ~ Saturday Critters

Because there was no visit from any creature during the past week, then I just wanted to show you Black who was sleeping soundly on the TV room sofa. But he had opened his eyes when the flash hit his face.

This kitten who had become very naughty and agile just stopped bothering Susie or Blue if he was sleepy. Even about eating, even though he has eaten a lot of his own food, he will grab his mother’s food if he feels he is not full. Of course, his mother will yield. After that, he even forced his mother to suckle.

Blue is two months old today, or more precisely fifty-seven days.

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  1. He is adorable. It is up to the mom to decide how long she will continue to feed him. It is different for each one. Kittens can be weaned as early as 8 weeks, but the mom usually lets them go another month and even longer.

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