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Black and White Friday ~ Halloween

Today is Halloween. Although I do not celebrate, I still place a pumpkin on the window sill. Why cut pumpkins? The origin lies in the old Irish story of Stingly Jack or the story of the scrupulous Jack. He was so scrupulous that he traded and outwitted the devil himself, so God did not want to take him to heaven at death. The devil, however, was so angry with him that he was not even taken to hell and sent into the dark with a piece of glowing coal. Jack put the coal in the carved turnip and has been walking around with it ever since. In Ireland, legends have been made from beets, potatoes or beets, and have been placed in the surrounding area of the house on holiday. Pumpkins joined the tradition in the 16th century in the United States, and because of their size, they grasped faster than smaller turnips and potatoes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the story. We don’t celebrate Halloween. I carved a small pumpkin once, for my kids. I found out it’s really difficult to do so, then I handed it to my husband to complete the work. I wonder how others can carve so many big pumpkins and the pumpkins can still be so beautifully carved. 🙂

  2. Found you at last Vidocka! but saw the name on one of Doc’s posts…Nice post here, in New Zealand we don’t as a tradition celebrate Halloween.
    Some children go trick and treating with their parents this year I did not manage to buy sweets for them, but no children came here…

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