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Billions of lives are going somewhere

Billions and billions of lives are going somewhere, disappearing in divine abodes.

Where are you, lives? Somewhere…  Somewhere flicker, fly, love, look at us, marvel at our stupidity (as if they were different), greed, fears… They are. They dance! They dance a divine universe dance.

They invite us to live, to rejoice, to believe that we will meet. Billions of lives meet somewhere, get familiar, and dance! Sometimes they come to our dreams. Those who we lost, their lives. 

Someday we will all meet in the universe’s infinitely magnificent dance of heaven. And maybe we will be millions of times happier than here on Earth. So, till we are here, in our earthly life, let’s love, be loved and feel happy, let’s endure life in the best way. 

Heaven – it’s not a place and not a time, heaven – perfection achieved or never achieved.

© Fortune, 2009

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  1. I know there is an afterlife, Kind of complicated to explain but I went there to meet up with my husband after he died and almost was ready to stay but was informed both of us would be breaking their rules because I had to go on and continue living my life,