Feel the pulse of life here and now

If our interior is as wide as the night sky, then it is clear why it is difficult to find answers. We give names to constellations that mess the darkness. We give names to feelings that color life. We give names to people coming into our worlds.

Perhaps because we understand where to turn to find happiness? But no name can describe what we see when the sun goes down, what we perceive with our heart. 

In order to find the answers to what lies in the distance of the night sky, we must open our eyes on a clear night and travel upwards without losing our life here. Even if the universe is limitless, even if no one can trace the path we lost at birth…

Because if we stop, if we lower our eyes from the vault of the night sky, if we forget what is the most important purpose of the life given to us, we will die without living…

First of all, we are all unique creations. Each has its own path. However, never are these roads so far apart that we would not meet. Getting to know people is just a miracle. To smile, give, laugh, share, and love…

Everything happens unexpectedly if we do not close our eyes to miracles, our inner world, our quest, and our dreams.

There are so many beautiful things happening on Earth. Let’s take them and infect others with that beauty. Let’s not wait for better times so it’s not too late. Feel the pulse of life here and now.

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