Weekend thoughts

Let’s not go on living with our fists gripped and our lips bitten. Relax. Let’s don’t resist or fight as it is very painful.

Trust the natural flow of life! Realize that what we are avoiding – it is increasing and strengthen, and what we accept – is calming down and decrease.

As long as we believe that we are the only creator of reality – we are on the path of suffering. Only by knowing that there is a higher power that is leading us like a star sign, you will be able to breathe calmer and trust. Let’s not be afraid of life, even when it is very difficult!

We can call it according to our beliefs: God, Universe, or whatever you want – is like a loving mother – protecting us, mentoring, and constantly teaching. When it will be unbearable – realize that we are loved most at that time! We are developing and hardening – polished like a diamond to start shining in our most beautiful colors.

Let’s relax, trust, and be grateful to be alive!

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