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‘Bhelpuri’ the most popular Indian snack

Although Bhelpuri can be easily prepared at home it is meant to be eaten at beaches prepared by specialised hawkers who line up there.

I have great memories of our beach outings where we spent happy moments and bhelpuri being the main contributor of those happy moments.  What followed however was tender coconut to remove the spiciness of bhelpuri

The hawker always asked if we wanted the stuff spicy or sweet and he would accordingly churn out whatever way we wanted it.

There are easy recipes if one is interested in making it at home and in fact at one of my birthday parties we prepared it at home.

Here is a link that has a bhelpuri  recipe

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  1. We have a range of snacks available in New Zealand. A traditional one is our Pavlova which is a giant Meringue eaten with strawberries (or fruit) . We used to have that at Christmas time. The Australians claim they had it first but they have always pinched our inventions…No surprises, we may pinch theirs in return…But as soon as a disaster strikes like a bush fire or something awful, we are there to help them and the Australians do the same for us.