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Beams of Light

Beams of light,

Flow down from heaven,

Enveloping the land,

With grace and love,

Beauty and awe all at once.

Ingenious games,

Played by the clouds,

While the sun patiently,

Waits behind.

How long can light,

Be hidden?

How long will darkness reign?

Hope says,

‘It will shine, it will be break through!

Ripping through the darkness,

Of deception and lies,

That fill the land!’

Beams of light,

In an instant,

Spit asunder,

The feeble clouds,

Pouring rain,

Washing away the filth,

That has settled,

Upon this once pristine world,

Now shining in glory!

Written by Dawn in a moment inspired by the beams of light.  The picture doesn’t do justice to what she saw.

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Written by Dawn

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