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Are these views real?

It seems to me that something strange is happening with the views received by some of the posts on virily. Don’t get me wrong. One of the posts with a large number of views in recent days is one of my posts. I thought it was because this post has a topic that is usually visible in search engines. You can see the other posts with a large number of views in the trading section. Even as I write this post, the number of views on my post and another post has increased significantly. Are these views real? Should we warn admins to check what’s going on? These are questions that seem justified to me.

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. You raise an interesting question and one that deserves information.
    1. NO ONE KNOWS for sure. I think the most important thing. These are views and that is the important thing.
    2. are these users or bots? if they are bots, what are they collecting for (search engines)? If they are truly bots for data collection they touch once not 200 times.
    3. I think the likelihood is that based not he overall views not he site, this is more of a blip than anything. However again, that is opinion. I don’t know.

    If the admins will release the site logs we could tell very quickly what is touching posts. I know, that there are a number of people that read my posts that are not virily members. They send me mail about my posts.
    So the easy button is no one knows. Likely is a percentage (probable 1/2 or less) are bots. The remainder is likely users but not users on the site.

    • It seems strange to me that from yesterday until today, my post (and not just mine) got over 500 views. I don’t know, but I tend to think that there are views generated at the same time in all the posts in the trending section. What intrigues me is that I don’t see a common topic in these posts, and I don’t understand how they were chosen?

      • it is views in a 48 hour period. So on this site, there are posts that are old that get a lot of traffic and posts that are new that get traffic.

        The reality is this – it could be bots, but that isn’t completely likely. It could be views by real humans, but, that is also unknown.

        We just don’t know, because the admins don’t tell us what is going on.

  2. My views are not high. My latest posts have little views. I wrote one post about the origin of coronavirus when the pandemic was at its peak and it had a lot of views. But if you have a lot of views there is nothing bad about it. It is good for you

  3. Wow! Congratulations! @Ileana Calotescu Your hard work in writing and preparing such high-viewed articles paid off. Good job! Thank you for sharing your good news to the Virily community. What an encouragement!

  4. I think I had over 100 views one time. The rest of the time they fluctuate somewhere between 20 to 30 and my payment has remained the same for almost the whole month I would have thought that it too would change but no such luck at all.

  5. I have had such views in the past when I used to share on social media and people with big following reposted my posts. I don’t find it concerning. DIY has always been a popular topic, the article may be performing well on Google too.

  6. I’ve no idea … but it could be that your post is shared and the colourful crafts attracted people to click …
    The worst could be some spammers that want this site to close down and wish to flood it with spam and sabotaging the Adsense.


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