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There are views and "views" here at Virily

I just read a post where a user manages to get hundreds of views in a matter of a few hours.  Hats off no doubt but my inquisitive mind has a question. 

According to me the Site will benefit when a post is viewed in real terms.  It is well nigh impossible for 500 netizens to view a post in real terms in  a matter of hours. 

Let me clarify.  As long as the Site benefits by “tweaking” FOR VIEWS  I have no issues whatsoever.  Long live the ‘TWEAKS’

  • Do you tweak to get more views here at Virily?


What do you think?

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Written by grace


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  1. I think its possible if people share and have huge followers.
    there are sites/blogs that have over 10K views daily …

    But I’m not sure how the user do it or if its beneficial for Virily, but I guess more view means better.

  2. Hell, even getting 500 hundred views in a day is crazy unless you have a solid following. But if there is no interaction such as comments within the writing or where it was shared then what good is 500 views.


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