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Answering Alex's question of yesterday in my Tech Post…

Alex Ledante asked me a great question or had a great comment about Augmented Reality and Virtual vs. screens vs. projection and holograms. I answered the comment, but frankly, it is a bit more involved than the space for a comment. So, I am addressing the comment in a blog Alex’s original question “I expect that direct interface will ultimately phase out all peripherals, but do you think we will go projection and then holograms or in a more AR/VR direction?”

Let’s talk about three pieces of Alex’s question.

  • Direction connection (that would be a monitor with a cable connected to a computer0
  • Protector either standard image or Hologram
  • VR/AR

First, there is the question of size. Monitors tend to be less portable. Projectors used to be less portable but now the newest projectors are around the size of a 12 ounce can of soda. The last piece is the AR and VR goggles. VR goggles don’t work with movement. You tend to either sit, lie or be motionless. The reason for that is the VR goggles are immersive. The AR googles like Hololens are made for interaction with the: a real world so you can move around.

Alex’s question, however, was more focused on projectors vs. AR goggles and projectors + Holographic images, vs. VR and AR goggles. His question was which one did I think was going to take over. I am going to cheat. Because I don’t think one of the four potential options will take over. I believe that AR headsets such as Hololens will get smaller. They will, eventually include outbound projection as well as the existing inbound imaging. So the answer Alex is that I believe a projection AR headset will be the next big thing! In fairness, the headsets have to get smaller. My gut is they have to be comfortable enough that you can wear them all day. They have to be powerful enough to be able to project in a lighted room (for the projection). They would need to have two 180 degree cameras mounted on the sides (temple of the person) of the device to cover enough space. 

  • Question of

    Do you still have a monitor at home?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Is your monitor also a TV?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Do you project (Chromecast) or do you use cable connection to use the monitor?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. You know me, I want direct interface and failing that, retinal projection. Since neither of those fields is seriously being researched as far as I know, I figured monitors would be replaced with an existing tech… but I didn’t consider hybrids!

  2. Interesting looking ahead to technology, I like the idea of a hologram best because you don’t need a headset.
    This coming generation is quickly going to become deaf and I am now suspicious of technology that logs you into ear plugs and goggles.
    I think to look and hear something like a hologram is much more healthier to the body.

    • Interesting point of thinking Pam,. I suspect that newer technology will empower intelligent volume control. That would allow users to not damage their ears.

      Holograms would still require a projector of some sort. But, I do agree that there would be less impact.

  3. Sorry I’m intruding like this but are you reporting my comments…..? I got 3 deductions from yesterday and I don’t know why so the only thing that occurred to me is someone who reports comments for nothing…..
    If you are the one doing that all I have to say is give me back those Virils you received from me opening all of your posts….. I guess that is a big thanks from you to me for that…
    “Thank you and best!”

    • First, I only report comments that are copied or ones that say awesome post……… if yours were there on one of my posts then yes I reported you.

      I should also report this comment because it has nothing to do with my post, but I won’t. I am sorry you are losing Virils.

      Good Luck.

      • I’m saying on your posts but the other user’s posts too… I pitty if you find someone saying something is awesome worth reporting…

        Do whatever you want but stay away from my comments, I’m not commenting your posts at all….

        Good luck to you too, you need it more…..

          • I don’t comment on your posts, and I don’t ever report comments not on my posts.

            I do understand your concern – as expressed above I have run into that as well. In fact, I’ve seen an uptick in downvoting and comment reporting on the site.

            But just so that there is no confusion I do not report comments that are not on my posts. I do report comments on my post and i have stated my rationale publically.

          • sorry that was I do not report comments on other posts.

            I do report comments on my posts that are nice——
            or that are directly copied either from another post or from other comments on my post.

            Just to be clear – I have several comments that have been reported in the past two weeks – I should assume that is you?

          • My apologies as that was a typo. No edit button for comments. I do not care about comments made on other posts. I only report comments on my posts. Based on that, I’ve had a number of comments reported, the admin team actually reached out to me and blocked one person because they were copying comments from other people on my posts and commenting on the post. I reported them, and they reported my comments 4 times.

            Again, I only report comments on my posts.

          • OK.
            How could you know They reported your comments…?

            Admin answered me, deductions were a mistake, a problem that is now solved, someone was reporting comments that were not worth reporting… (maybe it was you, hahaha ;))

          • Wasn’t me, you don’t comment on my posts overall so I wouldn’t run into the comments.

            I knew because I track my Virily for my overall infulencer list. Knowing how many are generated and who is generating them for me is something I am working on.

          • I wanted to know which readers on Virily moved my posts the most (brought other viewers with them.)

            Over the course of 10 days I watched posts, tracked the views based on changes and came up with some interesting information.

            I shared that with the community, the 7 folks that when they read your blog, you tend to see more views.

            It was a lot of work, and there is still a huge amount of error (I would say as much and 20%) but the overall numbers are pretty decent.

          • Ah – you don’t track on Virily only. I can pull my stats from twitter to determine my influence.

            As for guest views, you don’t get credit for them but in fact, the views on your post increase when guests view. So you can track guest views by simply testing and verifying that the number does increase by non-registered readers viewing your posts.

            As I said, I collected numbers that showed significant influence. I doubt my numbers are off by a lot, they are off a little I am sure. But overall i have a high degree of confidence in my overall model.

          • Oh…

            You actually think the number of views on Virily (from Virily members) increases when people outside Virily read your article too…? I don’t see how it could influence Virily members since they usually choose from the Latest/Following list…………. I could understand that if there were posts popping up on the Virily main page but they are in a List and there is no way for them to be MORE suggested if someone outside Virily reads them too…

            PS I’m not sure if you noticed my other 2 comments on your other comment below so just to turn your attention to it but I think you actually replied here to it…?

          • PS …..I think now I understand, you meant the opposite actually…….? If some specific Virily users read them then you see more (guest) views on them, right…? Like as if they share your article or something like that…..?

            Do you know what happened with guest views, why we are not credited for them anymore, or it is a glitch…? :((

          • PPS… 😀 …I think that number that shows views at the top of the article isn’t actually correct… I remember seeing that number before (since then I’m not looking at it at all…) and it showed much more views that I actually got notifications for it – both views from members and guests… So my thought was actually that either we are not granted the right number of guest views either the number is wrong…

          • PPPS Also……, do you know how badges are given…? I received a Smarty Pants one, it is granted from approved comments, but I’m not sure I understand… It says “Gained 100 for approved comments”, so is it for 100 approved comments (cause till now I gained a lot more approved comments) or I actually received 100 points for who knows how many approved comments…? So I’m actually asking myself…, why now…….? Or am I missing some of them so i received them now…? My levels for published content also changed into 5 but no additional points nor notifications about it…

            I asked the admin but I’m not sure he understood well :/

          • Badges are interesting. I haven’t seen my badges change in a long time. I guess I don’t really know.

            My gut is approved comments are ones that the author liked versus just replied to, I have that badge, but as I said I haven’t gotten a new badge in a long time.

          • This reply is in response to all your questions: (other than badges answered separately).

            1. Yes, views increase when someone opens the post. It doesn’t matter if they are a Virily Verified User, Virily User or Guest. Each person opening the post increases your view count by 1.

            2. Since you get paid for views, eventually, the influencers are the ones that bring the three types of views to your posts. There are a number of authors that average 100 or more views per post. There are authors that when they comment, they bring other Virily users after them. If you watch the top comment posts every day you will see a consistent set of authors in that list.

            3. Your assumption that the views number is incorrect is interesting. I suspect, based on that assumption that is why you don’t watch that number.

            4. Guest views used to be given one for one. now you get credit for one (original share via social media). In part, this was removed because it caused huge site performance problems. In part and in theory you also had to separate guest views.
            When I share one of Alex’s or Alberts posts, I get credit for one. They then get credit for anyone on social media that clicks my shared link. I get credit for the first one. Tying that together, in other words as long as my social share is active on the social site, giving me credit for future clicks is what caused the performance issue.
            The last part was removed during the cheating issue on the site around 10 months ago. If you consider this, I also share my posts on social media, and for a time was getting double Virils. I got credit for the guest view, and for the view of my post. I still get credit for the view, but not the double credit I was getting before, that is fair.

            You can probably understand now, why it matters that the site tracks or doesn’t track guest views. Every day I probably share 30-35 posts on social media. As an influencer, I drive between 200 and 1000 guest views a day. my rate of earning would be more than 5000 virils a week just for guest views I generate. Or 20,000 every month just for guest views.

          • I received another one, i’m very glad and surprised…! 🙂
            I think “approved comment” is only approved by admins… I already had those badges but now I got notifications for them so I’m confused…

            1. I know how views increase, what I meant is increase in the possibility your article to get more attention/views…..

            2. Yes, of course, I know that – comments, but I don’t see how users who have more views on their articles could draw more attention to your articles because of that…

            3. Yes, that is why I’m not watching that number Anymore…..

            4. Not sure I understand… I didn’t know you actually get credit (1 guest view) for sharing My article… Also, if you said you get credit only for the first one why it would cause problems “in the future” if you get credit only for the first one… Also, are all of these your own assumptions or the actual answer from the stuff…? Also, I think I was receiving guest views during the summer too and not 10 months ago… Also, how come you still get credit (guest views) if they are not working…? Also, I think “guest views”, actually I don’t think that I know that, are views of your article and nothing else, that is why they are called that way, and I really don’t believe you get credit for sharing other people’s articles………

            And you are again wrong, because there is a Limit in guest views, it is settled by the site, they wouldn’t settle it that way if it was a problem, so I actually think there is Another reason for this glimpse or cancellation of guest views…..

          • I certainly understand your opinion.

            There are four writers on Virily who comment on things and other virily authors follow them. You are most welcome to argue that fact, but please provide statistics that show that isn’t the case.

            Don’t want an opinion, interesting and long but doesn’t change the fact that I spent a lot of time watching and viewing who was touching posts.

            I got 10 coworkers to do me a favor, once a day over 10 days with my posts and other posts. I sent them a link (not on social but directly) and then while I was watching, had them log into and read the link i sent.

            Somewhere my posts, some were posts of other people. In ALL cases the numbers changed by 10 views.

            I read and watched a number of posts over 5 different weekends. I did not comment on those posts and watched the posts change with specific people preparing and commenting.

            I noted significant change when specific authors commented on a post. In fact, there are four authors who consistently either have a post in the top comment section on Virily or their comments drive the posts of others into that list.

            The top comment list is reset every day. So these people are creating and driving content that over Virily authors read Every day.

            You aren’t going to change my mind with an opinion. Give me some facts that show me what I tested isn’t true.

          • It is not an “opinion” nor it is the matter of it, nor I’m “arguing”….., it is just what -I- noticed… And you seem to really don’t know some of the rules here, that is a fact…… You have your own “subjective and made-up understanding” of some of the rules made on your own vision of things but that is not real…

            The number of views – ok but I think I already gave you the real stats when it comes to my posts — Notifications… – at that time guest views were working and the Views number wasn’t correct. Maybe now it is but I’m not tracking it anymore… Although I think I checked it once after you told me this and it was still unreal but I can’t be sure since guest views aren’t there so I can’t count them right.
            The only explanation is either multiple views of the same article are counted either what you said about shares is true, but it is not stated ANYWHERE in the FAQ’s, so for me there are only guest views which don’t consider shares too. There was a number of shares before and why not give a Viril for a “Share” then, why call it the same as a “guest view” when it isn’t……!??

            So you watched the number of views on other people’s articles that you shared at that time too…? How could you KNOW that other 10 people, Virily MEMBERS for example, didn’t open those articles at that time, how is it possible that you think no one ELSE opened those articles at that time……. (If I understood well you sent those people’s articles to your coworkers and they opened them)

            When it comes to tracking other users, maybe you really noticed their “effect” on other users when it comes to your posts, I can’t tell that, but I didn’t notice that on MY posts so my “guess” is you might be wrong….. There are people who comment first on my posts sometimes and they are not neither of those “four” popular users……. There is no “order” in people commenting on my posts…..

            I know who is in the most commented and I know how it changes every day but just the fact that their posts are there doesn’t have to mean that is why people view your posts too (because of their comments)… Like I said, sometimes, those are the people who comment the last on my posts, and what drives traffic to mine is comments of myself and other people, important title, or if my post is in the most commented.

          • …and not to forget that there is also -an order- in the way posts are listed in the Latest/Following lists which also affects the “order” people are viewing your posts, and there people who are just opening your posts too…..

            The reason I even asked this question is because of the way you explained it – you actually connected internal and external views and shares in your explanation like they can affect each other and they can’t so it was weird to me how could you possibly think that if people outside virily and on social networks read your article could affect virily members to read them more (or I just understood you wrong which is because of my english…..:/)

          • You completely misread what I said. I don’t have time to explain this to you. I posted about it awhile.

            Honestly, if you don’t like what i posted, don’t read it. Or do you own study and come up with other answers.

            I watched the top 20 people that post on Virily, I saw their min and max posts. I checked and verified that i had a trend (average per day). Then i changed how I interacted with their posts. In all cases, it made a difference.




          • Good then.

            No, but you are the only one that I know that does that… I wrote a post about it that is in pending so if you read it you will see what I meant (I didn’t mention you but it is described what happened and my thoughts)…

          • Sorry then, I thought you are doing that too, like wherever you see it…

            It happened to me only once in the past and now again – 3 comments, 2 on Fr and 1 yesterday.. I don’t know who and why would do it because I think I haven’t insulted anyone, except one comment but I described that in my post…

            I again must say that I don’t agree with that, at least not when someone writes “awesome post” or similar – did it ever occurred to you that maybe he really thinks that….. Do what you want when it comes to that but to me it is a pity act, sorry…..

          • I don’t understand, first you say you report them only on your posts but now you wrote you actually do report them on other people’s posts too, but then that you actually don’t…

            I already answered and said why I thought it COULD BE you….. And you can’t assume it was me because you know I don’t EVER report comments except if someone directly insults me to the roof…..

            “Negative posts”….. Right….. Seems much is negative to you…..

            Seems you have your hands full of reporting business no wonder you have to deal with all those downvoting and your own reported comments so I will leave you there….. That “isn’t negative AT ALL”…………… No words…..

        • I am not sure there is a lot of value arguing with you, but I will try.

          You get credit for 1 guest view per social share. That limit came into being many months ago. when you make the social share, you receive one credit. You get one for each share of unique posts.

          That is different from views by guests.

          A guest is a non-registered Virily user. There is no limit on views. There is a limit on the double credit (you only get double credit once).

          So effectively what am I wrong about? I said the same thing all times. If you separate the two – sharing credit for guest views you get one. views, you get credit for.

          As for why track influencers, it is because knowing who helps your posts gain views is useful. There are people who reply and comment, that bring other readers with them.

          There are others that comment but don’t really bring other readers.

          • I don’t want to argue, just sayin’…..

            I never got a “guest view” like you call it for sharing an article, at least I haven’t noticed that….. A share is a Share, not a guest view. This is the first time I hear that a guest view is actually “a share”….. I think you are wrong about this…. I don’t believe there are points for sharing an article, nor it is stated Anywhere in the FAQ’s…..

            Yes, a guest is a non-registered Virily user, actually not a Virily user but an external viewer of your article, a visitor, and only that…, not a person who shares your article…
            FAQ: “When Guest view your post you get 1 viril. There is a limit of 500/day.” —————- The limit that exist is this one, but of course, a person can view your article several times, and why I think the Number of views on your article is not working and wrong is because it is almost always much (unreasonably) higher than the number of notifications I got for views… So what I think is happening is that that number shows an Overall number of views of the article including when the same person reads it several times but only the first time counts as a “unique view” and that is the view you get points (Virils) for… So that is why I think it is not “real”….. The same thing was happening even when guest views were counted in Virils, much more “Views” than the notifications for both Virily users’ and guest views…..

            Hheeheh, it is a little silly because guest views aren’t counted so talking about “influencers” on Virily is a little silly… It would be of a value if you shared your article or other people shared your article on social networks and you gained views (and Virils – guest views) from that, actually if that affected Virily members to read your articles more – which is impossible (and at the moment it looked like that is what you meant)… Also, I understand there is also a value in “just reading” of your article without getting Virils for that (people who see your shared article on social networks)… But the thing that people outside Virily read your article doesn’t affect AT ALL how much it is visited between Virily MEMBERS…..

            But saying a Virily member is an “influencer” only because she comments on your article and “draws” other readers… Ok, I know and understand that there are articles that are in the most commented and they are usually (but not always) the articles of the Virily “influencers” like you call them (- the people who are popular on Virily) but I don’t believe those people actually affect other users by commenting your article… Maybe in some situations, yes, but… Maybe you found some connection (I don’t know how you actually “tracked” your views) but I think people comment and read what they actually are interested in not what other people read or comment – at least I never watch or track who comments on what….. It happens, sometimes people (members) visit (open) your article only because they saw someone commented on them, but I believe it is only because at that moment they saw Someone commented an article with an interesting title which attracted them too and nothing else….. I think it is a matter of THE MOMENT… Although your stats maybe say something else…….

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