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After the Rain ~ Nature Tuesday

Heavy rain flushed the city for several hours. While thinking about some business, my eyes tried to find a solution in the wet open air. Outside, the wet plants dried themselves by swaying in the wind. Water leaps to and fro from the leaves. Looks like the wind and plants talk to each other in their hissing and rustling voices. Hearing the sounds they made, the voices of my mind slowly went away.

In the silence of the mind, imagination in there is like having a dialogue with the universe. Indeed, it is without language and words but when translated in the language of the mind, the imaginary dialogue goes like this:

Can you say what you want to convey to me through those who carry out their natural role in the balance of nature?

“Among the languages of the mind that often churn in you, my language is the language of conscience. I am a language without words. I am the language of sense. And as a sense of conscience, I am a feeling without an explanation of the mind.

I guide every step in your life with a conscience, with that taste language. With that sense, I always hear and fulfill your every prayer. From there I also give light to every path of life you choose to live. With a sense of light that is my way to always be with you through every suffering and happiness in life.

In the language of conscience too, I always talk to you even though you don’t always want to hear my words. Or maybe you don’t know how to hear my words. Then let today I make you clear about the conscience language for you. Because in every light of conscience that you feel, there I am keeping your steps on the path you once chose before this life.

The language of the mind is always preoccupied with the analysis of every situation that you are facing. That language is not a conscience language. My language is free from considerations based on good and bad judgments but always leads to good for the universe. It contains the essence of goodness not just the norm of kindness. My language is an impetus for the truth of the soul, not an impetus for justification of the mind.

My language is the language of light that illuminates inner darkness. It will put your life on a broad road without being hindered by your judgment. It doesn’t get you stuck in good or bad titles, but it will take you to feel better. He does not confine you in a prison of charity and sin but makes your soul do charity to be free from guilt”.

Then I paused and pondered my own life.

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