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A sad bad poem

I tend to aim for the classical poetry; the one with rhymes and recurring amount of syllables, you know. However, I’m too lazy for that amount of perfection.

Plus, I don’t read much and I’m not a native speaker, so I’m at an disadvantage.

Why would I write poems in English then? It makes me focus on the spelling, grammar and vocabulary, therefore it works as a way for me to detach emotionally.

Also, it’s a language that, the majority of people I know in person, can’t speak. It’s like writing on a journal with your secret alphabet. Google Translate sucks anyway.

Proton and Electron

This is the story of an electron

that fell in love with a proton.

A very strong attraction

that soon became an obsession.

Running, running around,

to this fate she was bound,

unable to hold excitement

or stop for a moment.

Stuck, stuck in the middle,

the proton was a riddle,

calling for his lover

but never let her come closer.

Kept apart by a mysterious force,

coming from an unknown source.

There was nothing they could do,

except waiting for a breakthrough.

All that was left was to pray,

one day the electron was pushed away.

She smiled and thought it was a miracle,

but she was only attracted by another particle.

Then another bond had begun,

she hoped he was the one.

But no, the story was the same

because that was the electron’s fate.

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