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A couple of theories (just theories) as to no comments

No new posts, so sadly, the two Monday’s in a row streak is over. No visible comments, although you can see the words are there, the comment “section” of the web page is blocked. Two reasons could be (well, there are 1000s of reasons but two that come to mind). The sad but easy answer is that the security of the section of the page where the comments are, changed and now users can’t see it. The other is that the security in the DB connecting comments to the page changed. Either way, it is a hard thing to find and fix.  The reality of an application like this site is that it has three distinct layers and several connected services.

The first layer is the visible web we see. The “site,” but that is a combination of scripts, HTML XML, and other toolsets. That is the front end, as we all in the IT world. The middle layer, or sometimes called the business process layer, is where all the rules exist (can you post, can you comment, etc.). Finally, there is the last layer where we have pictures, posts, and comments stored. Many of you that have been on this site for a long time know that older posts have a disconnection issue. (the pictures and the posts are separated. If you had one picture on an old post, it is still there. If you have 4, one is still there, but the others are now gone. You can find them in the DB, but they are no longer connected to the original post).

Knowing or explaining this doesn’t change the reality, just trying to get information out for everyone to consider. I do understand the frustration of the community. This post is more of an informative post. I want to make sure that the full information is available for people. I suspect that many authors are preparing their exit strategy, and I don’t blame you. Based on knowing that, I wanted to make sure everyone had whatever information I may have. Please note that the two scenarios I suggest in this article conjecture. I don’t have any information from the admins. The admins, as I’ve said many times, don’t communicate, so we do not know precisely what the issues are.

This is possible things, based on my experiences.

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)

  • if you have a theory – share it in a post) since comments don’t work now

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